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Any ideas for cheap ceremony decore?

Hello lovely ladies!

So I have my last meeting with the florist tomorrow.  I was wondering if I need any additional ceremony decore.  We have the rsvps in now and at £100 a head the declines have given us a nice cushion in the wedding account.  However, I'm not sure if I should spend some more money on ceremony decore.  There will be a table for signing the paperwork which I can place one of my table centrepiece on, and also my friends gifted me a lovely candle at my hen party which I can also place there.  

In an ideal world I would get a floral arch.  But the fact that it will only be enjoyed for 30 minutes (or not at all if the ceremony is moved inside!) is putting me off.  It's seems a lot to spend if it's not used.

I was thinking about some rose petals down the aisle.  Does anyone have any other ideas for ceremony decore which won't break the bank?

I will try to post pictures of the area and the chairs we are using below.  

 Ceremony space if outdoors 

chairs if outdoors


Re: Any ideas for cheap ceremony decore?

  • Ceremony space if indoor (no chair covers)

    More pics of ceremony space, plus chairs if indoors

  • Ask your florist what will be in season at the time of your wedding. That's how I ended up with alstroemeria in my bouquet, which is beautiful and which I never would have known exists if I hadn't asked for her suggestions on in-season flowers. If you have colors in mind already, specify those as well (I just wanted white flowers and greenery and since those are both often filler, they tend to be cheap).
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    You could still do  a ceremony arch indoors. I'm pretty sure I've seen that done.
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    Could you get potted plants, place them on a pedastal, and have them situated on either side of the table?  They could easily be transferred indoors if necessary.  They could also be brought home and used on a front porch or patio.
  • SP29SP29 member
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    Agreed that if you get an arch, you can still use it indoors (we had an arch indoors).

    Potted plants are a good idea. Either you can take them home with you, or offer them to guests to take home if you don't want them.

    You can always attach bows or small flowers to the chair along the side of the aisle.

    I do like the idea of something signifying "this" is the altar. But I think that could be anything from a simple arch, to potted plants, or something hanging (like the 3rd picture below).

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  • We're getting married inside, but we're doing something like this picture for the aisle. Since you mentioned rose petals, I thought I'd show you.

    I also thought that a flower arch seemed a bit much for a short ceremony, so we're using two large potted trees (owned by the venue) covered in lights to flank us when we stand at the "altar".

    If they hadn't already been owned by the venue, I might have still gone in that direction and then used them at home.

    If you did get an arch, is there any place you could use it afterward? Like a garden at home, outside for decoration, etc?
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    Wow these pics are oh so gorgeous!  Will talk to the florist tomorrow.  Lots of ideas now!
  • Also I might look into small potted plants to line the aisle and I'm sure people would want to take them home.  

    Sarah xxx
  • Hey girls,

    Just got final florist invoice...

    Floral arch  900 or
    Pew ends  300 or
    Potted plants (heather) lining the aisle  66

    The potted plants won!

    Thanks for all your suggestions.  It will look similar to the 2nd pic posted above by @SP29

    Sarah xx
  • That's going to look great!  Glad you don't have to spend 900 on an arch!
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    Glad you chose the potted plants option!  Nothing says you need to go over budget even if you've had a considerable amount opened up and available to spend!
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    My wedding had the buckets of baby's breath. I think all in all, it might've cost me $70? That might be high. One of my fav. weddings that my florist did was with potted mums. It looked amazing.


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