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Birth story and weekend

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Well hey there! 
I'll keep this short and as least gross details as possible lol. Tuesday night H and I were lying in bed snuggling at 8:30pm and my water broke. 
We did some last minute things around the house (like feed kitty, pack H's bag) and headed to the hospital. Waited in the ER for half hour for check in and made it to my own room around 10pm. I had hoped to go natural but by 11 the contractions were nonstop and excruciating so I asked for epidural. I don't know if the dose was really low or I was just too far along but I still felt everything and an hour later told them I had the urge to push. 

They confirmed I was ready to push. I was shocked because it's common for first time moms to labor for 15+ hours and this all happened in 4 hours! So he was born at 1:48am and his little cry scream immediately melted my heart. H cut the cord and we 3 were left alone for an hour to snuggle. 

I've been healing well (lots of pain from stitches) and he is doing absolutely amazing. My sister in law works on the hospital so she popped in our room 2-3 times a day during our stay. We came home Friday and we posted up in the living room all weekend with the rocking chair, bassinet, sleeping on the couches hibernating with no guests. H is so in love he like refuses to sleep. I try to sleep in between, like 30 min sleep every 2-3 hours but H just sits up watching him sleep all night. It's pretty precious!! 

Eli Robert 7.10 oz. 19.5 inches long. Please don't quote pictures so I can come back and remove later. 



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