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Brigalias/Paris/Ramblewood cc HELP!


I am in between 3 venues and need advice!

    Pros: very nice,beautiful grounds, 
     Cons:  more expensive then other two ($2/3k more), women was over 30 minutes late for our meeting, 2 weddings at once

    Pros: nice ballroom and separate cocktail hour room
    Cons: not much outdoor space for pictures, owner was a pushy salesmen

Ramblewood CC:
    Pros: nice outdoors, favorite wedding specialist
    Cons: smaller ballroom

Please help/give advice on which venue to have for my June 2018 wedding with 125 peopl. 

Re: Brigalias/Paris/Ramblewood cc HELP!

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    We had our wedding at Brigalias and it was amazing!  There service really was top notch from start to finish.  I'm sorry the woman was late for the meeting, we did not have any difficulty with that.  They also provide so much more than other all inclusive venues.  So run some further numbers.  They had centerpieces available, a card box available, table numbers and menus printed for you, all included in the price.  There was also no price difference between sit down and buffet, other places I looked had at least a $10 difference pp.

    The bakery they used was so delicious too!  We got many compliments on the cake and the Viennese table.  The cocktail hour was a wall o' food as well!  When we did our table rounds, so many people couldn't believe how much food there was and how delicious it was as well!  Even today, 4 years later, we still get compliments about Brigalias. 

    If you choose Brigalias, I do not think you will regret it at all!

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