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Reception Ideas

The Dance

So I am a terrible dancer beyond all help. (I've tried lessons before...I really redefine the whole "white people" dancing thing into something much worse). 

I'm still planning on doing a first dance with my FH, but I wasn't originally planning on doing a father/daughter dance (because I got my dancing skills from my dad).  But recently he mentioned something about dusting off his dancing shoes for a father/daughter dance.  Personally, I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of everyone watching me dance that much.  I planned on mingling with the non-dancers for all of the fast songs and just doing the slow ones with my FH (and those other people are dancing so you aren't being focused on).  But I don't want to hurt my dad's feelings if he really wants this, but I also don't know how to go about asking him if he wants it or not without him saying yes thinking that I want to or saying no because I tell him that I wasn't going to.

Am I just overreacting?

Re: The Dance

  • If you're that uncomfortable with spotlight dances, but he does want to have a special father/daughter dance, an option would be to choose a song (or have him choose it), and ask the DJ to play it unannounced sometime during the reception and dance with him then.  That way, others can join in, he gets his special dance, and you're not the center of attention.  
    That is a really good idea! Thanks!
  • Talk to your Dad. He might just be saying things because he thinks it's really important to you. Like @artbyallie mentioned, my first dance with H was 45 seconds (Bright Eyes "first day of my life", ended before it got too emo for a party) and faded into 40 seconds of "Stand by me" that I danced with my dad the same time as H and his Mom danced.
    I was surprised how many people complimented me on the shared parent dance as being so sweet and thoughtful, when actually i just wanted to twerk with my friends to Ke$ha asap.

  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    I wasn't really into the dance, but my MIL and my H really wanted it. We decided to do our dances together - I danced with my dad and he danced with his mom. You could so something like that, and then invite the guest up to dance after 30 seconds - 1 minute. 

  • SP29SP29 member
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    We also did a joint Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance.

    But I also like the idea of letting your dad pick a special song and playing as part of the regular playlist. You and your dad, along with everyone else can dance.
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