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No Inner Envelope... Old School Mother Freaking

Hi there! 

We recently purchased our invitations from (6 months early... please reassure me I am not jumping the gun here, a little paranoid I'm too excited) and after ordering realized there were not inner envelopes.

This did not phase me or the FH in the least bit, it's 2016, but my very traditional Mother is in a tivvy on how that isn't classy and is trying to think of ways to package everything in the one envelope now.

Is anyone else going through this issue? Resolves? Or... it's 2016, just go with the flow? No one but my Mother is really worried about it? haha

Re: No Inner Envelope... Old School Mother Freaking

  • That's the traditional way to do things, but not considered required anymore. They used to be required because everything was hand delivered and would get dirty making the outer envelope dirty. So once it was delivered, the outer envelope would be removed and the inner envelope would still be clean and nice and then given to the lady/man of the house. I would assume that inner envelopes would add to the appeared formality of the event, so maybe it would be nicer to have for a formal black tie affair. 

    No one in our family is very traditional so this wasn't even a question for us. We don't have inner envelopes and one a one sheet invitation and a  information enclosure card (printed onto a business card sized paper) with website and RSVP information. We are doing online or email rsvps so no RSVP card and envelope. 
  • Tell Mom that times have changed. 

    Old school:  Wedding invitations must be on white or ecru paper with raised or engraved printing.
    Today:  You can have as many colors as your wish, and flat printing is OK.

    Old school:  The inner envelope is always included with a wedding invitation.
    Today:  No inner envelope is necessary.  If you are inviting a large family with children, you just put in a handwritten note to say that "Mary and John are also invited."

    Old school:  R.s.v.p.s are never pre-printed.  The guest writes their response themselves.
    Today:  People do expect the pre-printed response to be in the invitation, though they are not required.

    One thing that hasn't changed:  the invitation is a message to the guests that tells them who, what, when and where.  No other information is needed.
  • I would let her know that you are being fiscally and environmentally responsible by doing away with the inner envelopes. I've received one invitation that had an inner envelope that I thought was the biggest waste of money.
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    My daughter had one envelope for her invitations, which were beautiful and very classy. IMO, one envelope is fine. But, if your mom is paying for the invitations, you should order the extra envelopes.
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    I understand that inner envelopes are no longer necessary because things aren't hand delivered. However, they do add to the formality of the invitation. I agree with @MairePoppy that if Mom is paying she gets a say.  On a side note, tissue has gone by the wayside too. It was originally used to prevent smearing of the engraved invitations. We recently received an invitation that was printed at home (as many are these days). The ink was badly smeared. Just an observation.
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