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it figures you don't hear about this stuff till WEEKS after the wedding...

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My wedding was wonderful and I am so happy with how everything turned out, but there is some stuff that went on during it that I just found out about last night that is like **WHAAAAAAAT??!**

Quick background - my grandmother and I have a strained relationship because she is a mean, nasty lady. A week before the wedding I had some very restrained words with her (Mom said she was impressed with my composure) not worth rehashing but relating to how I look, my weight, my political beliefs and the fact that I have tattoos and a nose piercing, all of which she doesn't approve, and all of which is frankly none of her damn business.

My Aunts aren't a fan of her either and both of them (and my mom) all requested to not be seated with her at the reception, so I seated grandma and her boyfriend with one of my dad's friends, who is one of the kindest, sweetest men i've ever known.

Apparently, Mike (dad's friend) got up to pull out grandma's boyfriend's chair for him (he's in his 80s and a bit wobbly) and gma's bf threatened to knock Mike's teeth out! For helping him get seated!! The story we got from gma's bf is that he thought Mike was trying to pull a prank of him and pull the chair out from under him??! i'm mortified that he would treat one of my wedding guests like that, and after the way my grandma has treated me, I'm feeling like I don't need to go out of my way to include either of them in my life if it's okay with her to treat me like shit and for her bf to threaten physical violence to a longtime family friend at my damn wedding.


Re: it figures you don't hear about this stuff till WEEKS after the wedding...

  • I am so sorry to hear that!  Although I have to admit I'd be mortified also, you shouldn't feel that way.  Her and her b/f's bad behavior is only a reflection on them.  I'm sure Mike just chalked it up to the weird things crazy people say/do.
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  • That says something about the boyfriend's mindset and why he gets along with nasty grandma. His first thought is that this stranger is going to do something awful to him, not that he might be trying to be helpful.

    Yeah, it just reflects on them, but I can see why you'd be mortified by those actions. But it also sounds like your dad's friend is a kind person who wouldn't think any less of you.
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    Ugh! That is so ridiculous! I understand why you'd be upset over all of that going on, but it is in no way your fault and is no reflection on you!

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