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travel itinary on wedding website?

So I put on STD to go to my wedding website for travel info.  On there I have everything including a recommended travel agent that we are using. Should I also list the exact dates we are traveling? I don’t expect anyone to go as long as us. (We are going for over a week.) but a few people are asking when they should arrive. I want my guests to feel like they can spend as little or as long as they want at the resort, but also we love to spend time with them and I don’t want to explain this a million times. Should I include our travel itinary and if so what wording should I use? 


  • I've been to a few DWs and none of those couples listed their itinerary on the website. 

    If most people have traveled previously, they'll understand travel timelines and potential delays. Your travel agent can also guide the guests. Example- if your wedding is on a Saturday night, your travel agent should recommend that guests arrive the day prior at the very least. Of course, if your guests ask, you can always provide recommendations or refer them to your agent.


  • You are inviting your guests to your wedding, which is for ONE DAY.  Let them make their own travel decisions.  Your guests are not your honeymoon entourage.
  • If anyone asks, I would re-iterate, "Our wedding is on Saturday the 25th, how you plan your travel is up to you".

    If anyone asks specifically when you are going to be there, you can tell them if you want, but I would keep this conversation personal and only if asked. I am assuming you are not hosting your guests for the entire time you are there, thus you might like to do your own thing, and you don't want it to sound like you have a requirement for them to be there.
  • If leave it off and tell people only when/ if they ask. If you are hosting anything (welcome dinner, drinks, brunch etc.) I would list that as people may want to schedule plans are attending those events as well. You definitely don't have to do any of those things, but if you are hosting them is make sure people are aware of them as well. 
  • Don't post it.  Even if it is not your intention, it will give the appearance that you are expecting/hoping that your guests will spend that much time as well. If people ask when you are going, you can just say, "The wedding in on Saturday, but we will be there all week" or whatever applies.
  • I agree with pp. Don't put your travel itinerary on your DW website. It could come across as a suggested itinerary. I didn't put any dates or anything on our website, other than events we had planned that people were invited to join. I got the question "when are people leaving?" or "when should I leave?" For those, I stated that everyone I had talked to was leaving on Monday after the wedding, but of course, it was up to them. We moved resorts on Monday, so we didn't see anyone after that time anyway.

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    Your STDs should contain the information who, what, when (date only), and possibly, where.  It needs to state "Formal invitation to follow"  You may also put your wedding website on the STD, but that is all.
    If your guest list is so large that information cannot be spread by word of mouth, well, I hope this isn't a destination wedding.  Expect a lot of declines when invitation time comes if it is.  Destination weddings work best for small weddings.
  • I have never seen it posted but had a few friends who did DW's that emailed it to me
  • I have never seen it posted but had a few friends who did DW's that emailed it to me

    @Knottieacb327f8595c607b, please stop dredging up all these old posts on all the boards!
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