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Hawaii, Caribbean or Mexico?

We can't decide where to go for our honeymoon.  I'd love to hear from you if you've been to any of these places.  And I'd ESPECIALLY love to hear from you if you've been to more than one of these places so that I can get your comparison report.

If you haven't been to any, I'd still be curious to hear about where you might choose to go?

Thank ya!
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Re: Hawaii, Caribbean or Mexico?

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    I've been to Hawaii and Mexico and Hawaii (Maui) was incredible.  Mexico is great, don't get me wrong, but to me, it's nothing special--it's more like a great vacation you can take anytime, whereas Hawaii is more of a once in a lifetime kind of vacation, and it's perfect for a honeymoon.  JMO.  My HM recap of Maui is in my married bio.
  • I have been to Hawaii, Mexico & Jamaica.
    Hawaii was the best, but expensive and a very long flight from the east coast. I hope to go back one day. Mexico is one of our favorite places to go. We have been 4 times in the last 2 years. We went to Jamaica once. It was lovely, but not my favorite spot.

    We had more fun and more to do in Hawaii and Mexico. Beaches were also better as well as service we received at resorts.
  • I have been to Mexico and Hawaii and loved them both.  We also considered both for our honeymoon.  We decided to go to Mexico because of our budget--it is much more expensive in Hawaii because of the flights and the high cost of most things in Hawaii.  For example, no all inclusives in Hawaii, so you have to pay for your hotel PLUS food and drinks.  AI was more budget friendly for us.

    But there is SO much to do in both places!  You would love either one!  Good luck!
  • When are you getting married? You have to take hurricane season into consideration when booking Mexico or the Carribean.  If you are getting married June-November, then I would go to Hawaii!  Mexico and the Carribean are great to go in the winter months (January-April)
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  • @stephiehall and @shauni27 – where do you go in Mexico?  Is it true you can’t drink the water?  Why does it seem like Mexico gets a bad rap?


    @MNVegas – How do Hawaii and Jamaica differ in diverse ecology?  Are the plants the same?  The mountains/oceans…  Say someone knocked you out and you woke up on a beach with no one around you and no buildings around you – would you know where you were?  (LOL, weird question, but I think you get my point).


    @LindsyLove – We’ve been to Ocho Jamaica and LOVED it.  Wouldn’t object to Jamaica again, but would want to try something different than Ocho, just because we were there and we did that (not that we didn’t love it). I've heard great things about Negril. 


    #1 most important thing for us is a great BEACH with clear water and sandy floor

    we also want:

    lush tropical vegetation and lots of it, real green and beautiful, mountains too – even better.


    If we did Caribbean or Mexico, we want all inclusive and we want to spend right around $2000.


    For Hawaii, we’d probably be willing to spend up to $3000 (which as I understand, would make for a very frugal trip – ie.  Driving/exploring on our own, cooking for ourselves, maybe getting an older condo, maybe its not located on the beach).


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like to VERY DIFFERENT vacations.


    Carib/Mex: would be lazy, relaxing, no responsibilities whatsoever 

    HI: would be very adventurous and exploratory


    We would be going in May, which as I understand is low season for all places.

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  • The Mayan Riviera in Mexico is very nice - Playa del Carmen area.  Yes it's true, you don't want to drink the water in any of the local restaurants - or have anything with ice cubes in it, or fresh fruit that may have been washed in the water.  That being said, it's pretty easy to get bottled water and other drinks, and you can eat bananas or other fruit that don't require washing - I would just pack some Pepto and such (which is a good idea any time you travel to a different country) for any emergencies.  At the AI resorts I don't think the water is as much of an issue.  Mexico gets a bad rap because there's been some crime recently in the news, but it's more along the border towns and big cities, and mostly drug related.

    However, I have been to Mexico and loved it, the Mayan Riviera is a great place to visit, relatively safe, and we are considering it for our own honeymoon.  Mexico is sometimes cheaper than other places in the Caribbean.

    There are lots of places in the Caribbean and they are all different in their own ways, depends on what you are looking for.  May is a great time to visit.  May is also good weather in Mexico.
  • Hawaii is amazing... that's all I have to say! 
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  • There is no comparision. Hawaii is amazing!
  • I am going through the same dilemma.  I have been to Kauai and I must say it was absolutely gorgeous!!!  I would go there again in a heartbeat but for my HM I want somewhere I have not been.  We are still debating Maui. 

    I have been talking to a travel agent and we almost booked Sandals in St. Lucia.  They say it is the Kaui of the Caribbean.  But...another travel agent wasn't real impressed with Sandals.  So....we are waiting on her to work within our budget. 

    I also heard Riviera Maya is nice but you really shouldn't rent a car and go on excursions by yourself.  It isn't safe.  I really don't want to worry about stuff like that on my HM.  IOut of all three of those places you are considering you are going to get more for your money in Mexico.  I also heard to stay on the Caribbean side of Mexico and that sounds like you should since you want blue water and white beaches. 

    Good luck let us know what you decide.
  • I have been to Maui 7 times, Mexico: Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cozumel, and Caribbean: St. Thomas, Cayman Islands, Jamacia. Here is a summary:
    According to cost:
    Most affordable Mexico, then Caribbean, then Hawaii.
    Best Beaches (white sand, clear water) certain Caribbean islands like the Cayman Islands, then Maui, then Mexico.
    More activity choices, Maui, Caribbean, then Mexico.
    I love each and every place, and since you do not have to worry about hurricane season and I have an idea of your budget, I would overall recommend the Cayman Islands, or somewhere else in the Caribbean, that way you are in the middle cost range, can stay in an all-inclusive, and still are going to a place where you can sit on the beautiful beach and do nothing or do land/water activities.
    Hope this helps!
  • I honestly don't think you can compare Hawaii to Mexico or the Caribbean. Hawaii is so different and you can do so much more in Hawaii. (without armed security LOL).
    Hawaii is safe, it's America and it has so much more to offer.
    I realize price is always an issue, but as someone said - you can go to Mx or the Carib. anytime. Hawaii is a once in a lifetime vacation for most people.,
  • I am having the same issue - so I enjoyed reading everyone's comments.  :)  I am getting married in Nov and can't decide btw Hawaii, Caribbean, or Mexico.  I havn't been to any of them and think they all will be nice. 
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