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Just wanting to snark with like-minded individuals

My MIL makes wedding cakes for a living. She recently received an invite to a wedding reception, and stated she had already received an invitation to the actual wedding. I asked what she meant, like 2 separate invitations? And she said yes, because...
Turns out, the bride is inviting anyone and everyone to the wedding, but only a few are invited to the reception. I guess MIL made the cut since she's doing their cake. 

How awkward is that conversation going to be?
"Thanks for coming!"
"We'll see you at the reception!"
"Actually... no you weren't invited to that part. Thanks again byyyyeeee"


Re: Just wanting to snark with like-minded individuals

  • I had a coworker do that years ago. The ceremony invite was more word of mouth for most people (like hey we're getting married at XYZ place at ABC time) and then the reception was later in the day only for certain people. I always wondered who actually came to just the ceremony and if they found out there was an invite-only reception later. 
  • How do you even believe that is going to not cause hurt feelings? I have always assumed if I'm invited to the wedding that I'm invited to the reception.

    Gift grabby much?

  • "Thanks for watching us get married!"

    "You're welcome - thanks for having us!  Can't wait to see your first dance."

    "Sorry, you're not invited.  You don't have to go home, but you gotta get the hell up outta here."
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