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Under 100 Days

Anyone else super excited? I just want to tell everyone. At time it feels like it has taken so long, and even now and then I need to remind myself there are things to get done. 
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Re: Under 100 Days

  • I'm a mixture of excited and nervous! I feel like everything has been falling into place so easily that I am missing something big! I can't believe how fast time has flown!
  • I keep swinging between excited and anxious!

    "Eeeeee we're getting married soon!  Aaaaargh I'm shy and I have to open up gifts in front of people at this bridal shower!"

    Etc. etc...

    when someone starts ranting

  • I'm excited and nervous. I've stayed off TK for a few weeks because it doesn't help my nervousness haha... I'm starting to get RSVPs in and its exciting.
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