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Maggianos - which room to choose!?

I decided on Maggianos as my first choice a long time ago based on reviews here alone.

Over time I have seen many photos of weddings there, in all of the private rooms (I think) but I still can't get my head around which room I would need.

I have been sent their floor plan that states DiCarlo is 30 seated, Abruzzi is 40 seated, and Calabria is 60 seated.

So far I have approx. 30 confirmed, but as it's not until April of next year, I know a lot can change! 

Can anyone recommend a room for this size? I was thinking Abruzzi, but would like to hear what others think. I can't imagine us dancing to be honest, so dance space isn't an issue, but I really don't want my guests to feel cramped (or really spaced apart!)

Thanks  :)

Re: Maggianos - which room to choose!?

  • Hello! We too were debating which room to go for as like you the wedding isn't for a while (May 2017) and we have approx 29 "confirmed guests" and a few people who aren't sure yet. But who knows who will actually be coming until nearer the time. 
    Anyway we went with Abruzzi
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    Sounds like Abruzzi would be a good fit for you. We were in a similar situation but on a smaller scale. we have about 20 (initially I thought it was going to be just 16), so Barolo was an option that Maggiano's proposed to us, but I was worried that it would be too tight as 16 is the max for that room, so we went ahead and chose Di Carlo (max of 24 for one long table, or 32 if we do rounds). I rather have a little extra room than be too cramped. If our number drops really low, I would upgrade some of the menu to bring the price closer to the minimum. Also love that they let you use their preferred vendors towards the minimum. 
  • Thanks @KnottieVegas2017@futuremrsreed5674 , glad to hear I'm not the only one.

    I think I'm just finding it difficult as I'm traveling from the UK, so can't go and see the space. My Dad has looked at the square ft of the Abruzzi room and reckons it should be fine. 

    I was a little worried about not having a bar in the room too, as my group are quite big drinkers. Considering getting the portable bar but not sure how much space it would take up.
  • Hi!! We are having our wedding reception at Maggiano's as well - we are in the Calabria room. I wondering about table decor, table menus, and a DJ. Are any of you guys doing anything for decor and music? I have no idea how or what I need to do if I want some of this. Any ideas and recommendations would be greatly appreciated! 
  • @Cmc0304 I think we're just going to make a playlist and use their ipod dock :) I'm sure I have a vendor list somewhere but I can't seem to find it - Maggiano's have been great though. If I were you I'd email them your queries and they'll get back to you very quickly.
  • @frenchie13 Thank you! I had no idea you replied to that! Thank you! We ended up booking a DJ. What food packages did all of you guys go with? We are set to have the reception cocktail package. Our coordinator mentioned that it may not be enough food and may not give off a "dinner" feel and suggested we add something. Any options on that?
  • @KnottieVegas2017 What food packages are you guys going with?
  • Hi, we are having the Milano package, it includes 4 hours of beers, wine and spirits. It's a proper sit down meal package served family style. We get married at 2pm and have a "cocktail reception" there before getting on a. Party bus down the strip arriving at Maggiano's for 6 if all goes to plan. 

     Have you decided what to do about decorations? This is one thing I'm struggling with booking for UK 
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