Signature drink for Philly/Phillies?

My FI and I are huge Phillies fans and therefore are having a Phillies themed wedding using the throwback colors. One of the things I'm having the hardest time with is coming up with our signature drink since we aren't having a full open bar. I thought it would be fitting if we had a drink that was a signature drink for Philly, the Phillies, or baseball but I'm not from Philly and therefore don't know if there's such a thing. Any help you can give me is much appreciated!

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Re: Signature drink for Philly/Phillies?

  • jessa1228jessa1228 member
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    You could always just make one up yourself and give it a baseball/philly-esque name.
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    I think I would also make one up with a red and/or blue color.  
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    Do you have a favorite player?  You could name it after that person.  LIke... uh... Cole-smo instead of a Cosmo? 

    My creative button is off at the moment, sorry I can't come up with a better name. 
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  • NurseCassie88NurseCassie88 member
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    this is a tough one, i like the idea of the players like a cole-smo or a flyin hawaiin with sprite, pineapple juice and malibu perhaps. maybe even a phantic themed drink with either irish baileys and creme or apple schnapps. otherwise look up baseball themed drinks
  • Kerri006Kerri006 member
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    Im from Philly (Phils fan) and my fiancee is from jersey ( yankees fan) so we are also doing a whole play on the baseball thing and doing signiture drinks. I was brainstormng with my sister and we thought of doing a cranberry and vodka and since its red call it Phillies Phinest or doing a phil-tini. 
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