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Strapless wedding dress in winter?

Hey everyone! 
Originally I wanted to get a dress with sleeves, but those are hard to come by! I ended up getting this dress because I really liked it, but now I'm thinking I might look ridiculous because it's in the dead of winter! I don't like the fur-stole look so wondering if anyone has an opinion? 

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Re: Strapless wedding dress in winter?

  • Five years ago, almost all wedding dresses were strapless.  You are not expected to wear your dress outside in the middle of winter.  Don't worry about this.
  • DrillSergeantCatDrillSergeantCat Oklahoma City, OK
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    If you're not getting married outside (please don't get married outside) then this really isn't an issue. No one will think you look silly for not having sleeves. If you really want sleeves, though, a good seamstress can make some and either sew them into this dress or make it detachable.
  • You could wear a bolero jacket. I attended a wedding at a Catholic church that was very strict about no bare shoulders. The bride wore a lace bolero jacket with a dress similar to yours. She took it off at the reception. But I agree with PPs strapless in winter is NBD.
  • There are many places that sell a "liner" type jacket/body suit that you wear with the dress.  Or, you can purchase extra lace/fabric/organza and have one made the coordinate with your dress.  It will give it the look of NOT being strapless even though it is. 

    Unless you're getting married outside (which you better not be if you're wedding is in any part of the country which has the capacity to get snow in the middle of December - Good Lawd - flashbacks to our Special Snowflake from Michigan), it's not going to be an issue for you to have a strapless dress in winter.  What WILL make a difference is if you personally don't like wearing strapless dresses nor if a strapless dress is something you do not want to be wearing one on your wedding day.  If you don't want strapless, do not purchase a strapless dress!

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