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Item on registry for completion discount

FH and I have an Amazon registry. When I started it months ago I added a robot vacuum that was $249. Last night we were looking at the registry because FH a) didn't know how to log in or view it and b) wanted to add some steak knives. That's when we noticed that the price of the robot vacuum is now $499! We feel really awkward about having something that expensive on our registry but at the same time want to leave it on there so we can get the completion discount. Amazon has the option of attaching a note to an individual item, would it be appropriate to put a note on the vacuum? We really don't want anyone to pay that much for anything, we have debated even just taking it off entirely. What does TK think?

Re: Item on registry for completion discount

  • I wouldn't worry about it. Many people know about completion discounts. And having something on your registry isn't forcing anyone to buy it. Presumably you have other items in different price ranges so people will still buy what they want/can afford. 
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    Leave it. Don't put a note on it. 
  • Who knows - maybe a few of your cousins will want to get together and buy it! It's not bad to have an expensive item or two on your registry, as long as you also have inexpensive items for everyone to pick through, you're fine. No note necessary.
  • Thanks everyone. I feel better. We do have a variety of price points. We have a small registry so probably a third of it is <$20. Maybe that's why the very expensive thing stands out so much. 
  • Leave it. You never know who might want to give it to you - DD had the most expensive item purchased for them immediately! They had intended to get it with their completion discount.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond has the china pattern that my grandmother got from her grandmother, which she gave to me. We registered for the (ridiculously expensive) serving bowl and platter so I could complete the set. We assumed we'd be buying them ourselves with our completion discount.

    They were the first things purchased.

    Leave it there, no note necessary.
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  • I had a $900 grill on mine, and a few other things in the $300-400 range.  I didn't think any one person would buy it, but figured if a group wanted to go in on something, that gave them some options.  There were also tons sub-$50 items on my registries as well.  I think people only side eye expensive registries if all or the majority of the items are really pricey.

    I didn't receive any of the expensive items BTW.  Most expensive individual item we received was a enameled cast iron dutch oven that my brother and my 3 male cousins went in on together.  
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