Honeymoon Registries?


My fiancé and I have been living together for about two years now, and really don't have a need for a traditional registry. 

I stumbled across the idea of a "honeymoon registry" and I thought this would be a very neat idea.

I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas, experience, or opinions on these?

Re: Honeymoon Registries?

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    My opinion is don't do it. The online honeymoon registries take a percentage of the money people give you to. Either you pay that percentage or the giver has to agree to pay. So basically people are paying EXTRA to give you money when all they have to do otherwise is write you a check or stick some cash in a card.

    Don't register, anywhere. When people ask, let them know you are saving for a honeymoon. Tell this to your mom and MIL as well in case they field inquiries from family members.

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