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Alterations and Needing Someone New - Thoughts?

The lady who was completing alterations on my dress was fantastic. She is a costume designer by trade and really talented. She was so nice and really listened to what I want.

Last week, her Mother was moved to palliative care in another city. She left to attend to her (which was the only right decision to make). She made arrangements for me to pick up my dress from a friend which was very thoughtful of her.

My concern is that there are still small adjustments to be made and my wedding is in a week and a bit.

My question is whether I should get in contact with her to find out if she has someone she would recommend to complete the alterations or if I should just go find someone myself? I really don't want to bug her during this time as I feel that she should be focusing on her family but I don't know if she should be involved in making a recommendation since it is her work and someone would be completing it.


Re: Alterations and Needing Someone New - Thoughts?

  • She should have offered a plan to you. Since she didn't I wouldn't bother asking. Just find whoever you can and go ahead and get if done. She certainly doesn't deserve in put because it's her work someone else is finishing!
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    @Starmoon44 I don't think that she knew additional alterations were needed as we both thought the last round would probably fix everything. I certainly didn't expect her to check in with me as she had more important things on her mind.

    I'll probably just go ahead with someone else so that I don't bother her.

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey
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    If you need recommendations, check with co-workers and friends.  I found a great seamstress through a co-worker.
  • If you need recommendations, check with co-workers and friends.  I found a great seamstress through a co-worker.

    I'm lucky that I work with a lot of ladies.

    My original seamstress emailed me this morning letting me know that she was in town tomorrow and asked if there were any more adjustments to be made. We are making arrangements for her to complete the work. She said she really appreciated that I was patient with her and said that she has never experienced the world crashing down like that before.

    I'm glad I just let things be. Nothing is more important than family.

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