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Wedding Cups

Hi all, 

My fiance and I are in the process of planning our wedding and have decided that we are going to skip on the garter and bouquet tosses. We were looking for something fun and different to replace them (well not replace, but to do something of a similar nature at that time) and came across the Nuernberg bridal cup. It's basically a double cup that allows the bride and groom to drink at the same time, and since I was born in Germany it would be a lovely ode to my heritage. Has anyone heard of these? Has anyone been to a wedding where they were used? We're not sure if it would come off as cheesy or not and we're looking for opinions. Thanks guys :smile:

Re: Wedding Cups

  • ernursejernursej
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    edited September 2016

    I've never been to a wedding with one.

    If you do use it, don't make a production out of it.

    Considering you are from Germany, it might be relevant. I would ensure that you 'practice' using it before the big day.

    Edit because it cut off the last sentence.

  • I haven't been to a wedding with a bouquet/garter toss in years, and never felt like something was missing, so you don't have to replace them.  If you feel that the cups would add sentiment to your wedding and enjoyment for your guests, go for it.  Not sure if you can spin it as part of your heritage if weren't aware of it until you did a search...but to answer your question, I don't think it'd be cheesy.  Drinking out of a cup with someone brings me back to the big fishbowls in college :D but it's better than a bouquet/garter toss! 
  • Not exactly the same, but I attended a wedding where the couple drank from a Loving Cup. There wasn't a whole ceremony done around it, the (Irish) FOB just finished his toast by explaining it's a cultural tradition that symbolizes the joining their two families, and the bride & groom drank at the same time the rest of us did.

  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing Alaska
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    It seems to me like this would go better at the same times as serving each other cake. 

  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be
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    I've been to a wedding with this. It was done with tyre toasts. Made sense bc people drink after the toast, the couple just drank out off the special cup then.
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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