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I'm looking for some ideas for websites to buy invites from... I know of Vistaprint, and Wedding Paper Divas. Anybody know any other options? Maybe even some Canadian companies?
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  • I like Tiny Prints a lot - they have great design and paper options. I also know people who have had success with Magnet Street.

    And you can't go wrong with Paper Source either. 
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    You might find something you like on Etsy.
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    Minted is where we got DD's STDs.
  • I used the brand Green Kangaroo.  Can't find their website, but it looks like you can buy them through another site if you google them.  I wanted a mountain theme, and they were the best price/design.
  • For more traditional invitations at a budget price, I like Invitations by Dawn. 
  • Thanks ladies!
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  • I haven't ordered mine yet - but Minted has a great selection and will send you a really cool (free!) sample pack illustrating the types of paper and styles they have.  
  • Quick update, went with Minted for the invites, they have a free envelope addressing promo on right now so it was alright. Still a bit pricey but they turned out beautiful. And then for the RSVP and details cards I went with a pattern from Vistaprint that matched to save some extra money! :)
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  • Carlson Craft was great for us
  • Etsy - I like the variety of offers there
  • Etsy - I like the variety of offers there
    Etsy is not a vendor of invitations.  They are like eBay.  They simply allow crafters and artists to sell their work inexpensively on their site.  Some of the sellers are great, but others aren't.  Beware of anything not made in the USA or Canada,
  • Minted- I got ours from a Paper Source store and then did part on line. Nice quality but the customer service is horrible.  There is a disconnect between the store and factory and I have not been able to speak to a manager and have been calling/emailing since March.   
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