Bar Harbor Honeymoon

My fiancé and I are looking to go to Bar Harbor for our honeymoon.  We found that the Holiday Inn Regency is just a mile from town and has a waterfront pool ect.  We both love to walk and there is a shuttle as well so that is good.

Has anyone honeymooned in Bar Harbor?  Looking for tips, tricks, places to eat, things to do in Acadia and Bar Harbor

Thank you!

Re: Bar Harbor Honeymoon

  • Have you already gone?  Sorry I didn't see this earlier, I don't normally watch this board.  
    If you haven't gone yet, read on:
    Bar Harbor is great in the summer and early fall, but will start to shut down mid-October for the off-season.  Parking is an absolute nightmare downtown in the busy season, so if you're going in summer, walk or shuttle from your hotel instead of trying to park!  There's lots of fun little shops with really cool, unique stuff (but there's also a ton of tourist-y shops where you can buy Maine Sweatshirts).  As for Acadia, make sure you eat at Jordan Pond House.  All their food is great--make sure you try the popovers!  If you go there in the summer, get there early or you'll end up spending an hour just trying to park.  There's also a very nice Acadia gift shop attached to the restaurant.  Right inside the park, there's the main visitor center, where you can buy your park pass and pick up maps.  You can park your car there and take the island hopper shuttle, or just drive yourself everywhere.  My favorite hike is Dorr Mountain, which is next to Cadillac (the big mountain that you can drive up).  It's a good climb for someone like me who's afraid of heights, because (as long as you avoid the ladder trail) there's no scrambling up rock faces or dangling over the edge of a boulder.  If you're more adventurous, try one of Cadillac's trails, like the beehive (or just drive up Cadillac).  Thunder Hole is another spot everyone goes to, but it's really only cool at a certain time of day (I think when the tide comes in is when it's supposed to sound like thunder).  Sand Beach is crazy busy in the summer, but should be nice in the fall, and is the only actual sand beach in the area (the rest of the coast is mainly rocks).  Also, near the Jordan Pond House are the carriage trails, which are great for walking, biking, and horseback riding.  Hope that helps!
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