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Silicone Wedding Bands

My husband didn't wear his wedding band for the first month because it was the wrong size. The jeweler measured wrong and we didn't have time to swap it out before the wedding. Now that he has the correct size, he still doesn't wear it often. I don't blame him. We're active people. Wearing a tungsten band while lifting, running, hiking, doing years work, not the most comfortable. My wedding band is an eternity ring (I don't wear an e-ring). It's difficult to wear at the gym and doing things around the house, not just for comfort reasons, but protecting the ring, too. 

After seeing some advertisements, I started looking at silicone wedding bands. I figured we can wear them on the daily and put our good rings on when we go out. 

My question is for anyone else who has tried them. What do you think? Are they comfortable? Do they hold up?

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  • My husband has a titanium ring and it is so lightweight and doesn't bother him despite being active and outside a lot. He tried the tungsten on and found them way too heavy as well. 
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