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I know now I hear that you don't have to tip if it's the vendors own business? What about Bentley&Wilson? Have you ladies tipped him? Trying to get everything set aside, wedding this week!! :)

Re: Tipping

  • I would not feel obligated to.  I ended up sending a thank you card to our photog with a tip a few days after wedding day once they emailed a small batch of samples, as they appeared to have some pics that were awesome, so I felt they exceeded expectations.  So, you don't have to, but if they do something you think warrants it, you always can.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

  • Weddings are a fkk of a lot of work as a photographer; it's not just the hours they spend with you that day, but hours of post-editing. I have only been tipped once as a wedding photographer because it's not expected, but extremely appreciated.

    Generally speaking, sole proprietors like Bentley & Wilson don't get tipped, since the money goes directly to them/their business. A photographer like Gin & Sake, Cashman, Imagine, etc..., if they did a truly amazing job -- and ONLY based on finished product, I would tip.
  • I didn't tip and used Bently & Wilson. Honestly, he slipped out of the reception without saying anything so I didn't even have the chance. 
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