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Postcard Wedding Invites?

I am thinking about ordering my wedding invites through vista print with an envelop and send it. But someone mentioned making postcards instead where it would be cheaper to send. The postcard obviously won't be in an envelop which I feel like has a greater chance of being damaged or lost. Also, others would be able to see the information on it. But it might be worth saving the money. The guests would RSVP on this website so I'm not sending anything else that would require being in an envelop. I need some thoughts about this. Have you done this before?

Re: Postcard Wedding Invites?

  • I wouldn't do a postcard invitation. How formal is your wedding? The invitation should indicate the formality of the wedding by style, wording, color etc. If I received a postcard invitation, I would think it was a very informal wedding. I also think your point about all the information being visible is another reason I wouldn't do it and the likelihood of it being damaged is greater - as you said.
  • I've seen STD in post card form but I wouldn't want all the detailed information available for anyone to see.
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    It really doesn't cost that much more to mail a proper wedding invitation.  You are more likely to treasure one as a keepsake.  My daughter used Vistaprint, and we were very pleased.
    Do check your wording with us.  Some of Vistaprint's suggested wording is just awful, and their punctuation is wrong.  We will be happy to help you do it the right way.
  • I don't keep any invitations after the wedding but I would be more concerned that a postcard would get ignored or lost in the mail. My H owns a small business so we get tons of mail all the time- mostly trash. I would be afraid a postcard could get lost in the pile (it has happened with reminder postcards from the vet, dentist, ob/gyn)
    If you're not crazy about vistaprint the bundles on david's bridal were also inexpensive and I got compliments on mine. I added an information card (from vistaprint) about transportation and some tissue paper but it was still light enough to just use a regular "forever" stamp

  • I used the postcard method for STDs...while most of them showed up just fine a couple of them looked "scuffed up" and one had a shoe print on it.  For the wedding we had RSVP Cards and an insert so there was no option to do a postcard, but it still cost the same as a regular stamp!

    Outside of the likelihood to be looked over or not be pretty, I would be most concerned with the event info being broadcasted.  Our STDs were just first names, date and a city.  It was unlikely anyone would be able to use that against us.  Invites however, contain full names, venue address, start times, etc... 

    IMO I would use envelopes for privacy in addition to all the other reasons PP mentioned.

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    We used a postcard for the STD's and for our RSVPs. It was cheaper for postage and we didn't need envelopes and has worked fine so far. 
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    I wouldn't do postcards. Aside from privacy issues, they would risk exposure to the elements, and assuming they arrive at the correct addresses, could be illegible because of damage. Outer envelopes are supposed to protect invitations from the damage that exposure could do while they are in transit.
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