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Hi Everyone! So my fiance has a "vision" of our day and I'm trying to make everything he wants come true. One thing he really likes if for us to have drinks available to our guests and we can have mason jars for them to use to drink out of. We are getting married in a garden. We are on a tight budget as we are paying for everything ourselves. I would love to be able to use the mason jars as the guests favor and maybe a small something else...food, homemade candle...i'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions. I'm completely open minded. 

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    If you are in such a tight budget I would just skip the mason jars.  

     Using mason jars to drink out of means you have to have a lot of extra jars because some people will not keep them all night.  Some people will switch up their drinks, others will just put them down and forget where.  Stuff like that.

     A lot of people will not even bother to take them home.  I know I hate taking home cups that I've been using.  It becomes messy. i.e. there is always a little bit of liquid that drips out if not completely dried.  

    If you really want to go that route just get the small ones for some sort of food as a favor.  But honestly, most people will not appreciate them like you would want.

    ETA - or I could have just waited until I saw what @kaos16 wrote

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    @lyndausvi, great minds!
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    I can, so I would possibly bring home the mason jar if it were the right size, matching the rest of my jars.  Otherwise, I would leave it on the table.  Mason jars are expensive, I would re-think them as your choice of glassware/favor.  If you want a potentially cheaper way to use them, is buy some of the really large sized mason jars and put little bags of an edible favor inside.  Guests can just grab one on their way out of the reception.

    I also like the PP idea of getting the Bride & Groom Mason jars for the two of only and drink out of those.  Other guests can have regular glassware, which will save you money and they will be able to drink easier.

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    Mason jars are something I would definitely leave behind.  I have limited kitchen cabinet space, and absolutely no use for a mason jar.  Now edibles, on the other hand - I know what to do with them!
  • I got rid of my wedding mason jar collection a while ago. I wouldn't want to get another one. If it is a vessel in which to send home something edible ... meh. If it is my drinking glass I would rather you didn't spend the money and rented proper glasses.

    I completely support your groom wanting to drink out of a mason jar. If the two of you wanted to drink out of them, I think that would be lovely.

  • I have never successfully drank anything out of a jar without dribbling on myself.  Something about the threads on the jar where the lid screws on makes it darn near impossible.

    Also what if people want to change their beverage or have multiple beverages at the same time (i.e. water and wine or soda)?  It's an added expense without payoff.

    Finally, I'll say I recently attended a wine tasting at a vineyard where you got to keep the glass.  My glass is still rolling around in the trunk of my car, sticky from wine residue, and likely headed for the garbage when I clean out my car.  It seemed like a nice incentive at the time, until I realized I'd have to haul it home and wash it and it doesn't match anything else in my cabinet.

    Honestly, this is a vision I would let go, especially on a tight budget.
  • kaos16 i love your 5th idea, bride and groom mason jars.
  • Thank you for all of your feedback. I am going to talk to him. I guess I should've given more details. We are having a small garden wedding, about 40ppl and will be serving bottled water, lemonade and tea or something like that. Instead of disponsable cups we thought mason jars which were on a crazy sale at Michaels. I agree with Jacque I have never successfully drank out of a mason jar so straw would have to be purchased. I would also be that guest rinsing my jar out in the bathroom. We are having a luncheon following at a local restaurant so the mason jars will have no use there.
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    We gave mason jars filled with butternut popcorn in our wedding colors. My husband used the ones left behind to make jam. He's a canner, so it made sense.
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • It's great that you want to do everything he wants for him, but it's ok to say no to some things too. So if he wants people to drink from them, will there still be other glasses available for the guests who put their drinks down and forgot where they put them & want another drink? Or a rinsing station for the person that has one type of drink & then wants to switch to something totally different? And what are you going to do with any jars that are left behind?
  • Instead of using the mason jars as favors/drinking vessels (which, unlike others I've never had an issue drinking from them), just use them for the centerpieces (if you'd like an idea, look on FTD's site) ...  People would rather take home a bunch of wildflowers in a mason jar than one as a cup since not everyone takes a jar home. 

  • I received a mason jar filled with candy at a wedding last year and occasionally find myself drinking out of it but I can how many people won't use them.
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