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A friend of mine is designing our invitations. There are two types that I am looking at a 5x7 or a seal and send (doesn't have an envelope). What places have people used to print their own invites? Has anyone every printed the seal and send and is so where? Did you buy your own paper or use what they had? Has anyone ever upload their invite to the Staples wedding invitation site and printed through that? Wondering about the quality.


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    DD used Staples for the Menu cards. We used a heavier card stock and it looked great. 
  • We bought nice cardstock from paper company and then printed them at a fedex office. They looked great and we got many compliments.
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    Do check the wording before you print.  We will be happy to help you if you post your text.  Modern wording is fine as long as it does the job, but there are a few traditions that should be respected.
  • Thank you for the advice! I'm thinking I might look into getting my own paper. Where did you buy yours? Still looking for someone who has printed there own seal and send. 
  • I was gonna do our own but found a great deal on vistaprint. I was just gonna print at home.

  • Not sure if you are still looking for input, but I'm making my own invites too and I'm printing them off on vistaprint. They have great quality as a friend of mine printed hers off of there also.
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  • I've looked into them a little bit. Thanks.
  • Still looking for paper source recommendations.
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    Hi there! I'm a graphic designer so I can field the paper questions. :) It depends what kind of paper you want! If its plain white then some 100LB or 90LB card stock works just fine (i like bright white for just text but if you've got some decorative elements or colors in there, keep in mind it will pick up the color THROUGH the ink, if that makes sense. So if its antique white paper, your illustrations might have a yellow hue to them that you make or may not want).

    Other than that, I really suggest Amazon or It really depends on what color/texture/shimmer or not you're looking for! I'd buy a ream of it and test print, even at fedex or kinkos if you print there, to make sure its what you want. If it looks funky, adjust colors and continue on. :) 

    Happy to help if you have any other paper questions!
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I had not thought about the color of the paper coming though the design. Do you have a suggestion for the heaviness of the paper to do postcard RSVP cards?
  • I designed my own invitations and printed them through a trusted site (CatPrint) that I normally print my work through (I am designer). Use a heavier stock 100lb or 90lb. I prefer some texture for paper and off white or ivory. White stock can look cheap. I saved an enormous amount of money on stationary.
  • We're looking at Minted. They're pretty nice!
  • We're looking at Minted. They're pretty nice!

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