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Dressing a mixed wedding party

My Fiance and I are having a mixed wedding party. I am having a MOH and a bridesman. My Fiance is having 2 groomsmen. We seem to have hit a bit of a road block with dressing the party.

Whilst we want my bridesman to "blend in" with my sister as he is part of my bridal party, we don't want him to outshine the groom- the fear being that if he is the only male in a different suit/colours in the photos etc he will stand out more than my Fiance.

Our wedding colours are gold navy and white. 
My Fiance and his groomsmen are thinking of getting charcoal grey suits with matching waistcoasts and bowtie.

I was thinking of getting my bridesman to also get a charcoal suit, but maybe do a navy waistcoat and bowtie, to match the MOH's dress? But, I'm worried that my Groom will blend in more, and after all it is my FI and my "show".
I know a full navy suit will be too much of an overshadow for the Groom. 

Any suggestions??

Re: Dressing a mixed wedding party

  • I would dress the male party members all the same and have the female in a colour that you would like. The groom can standout by having a different coloured tie, darker grey suit or nothing different and he stands out by the biggest smile on his face.
  • Yeah I am with the others.  I would dress all the males using the same suit and colors.  If you want to differentiate your side from his a different tie would be best. Then the groom can go with a third color/different boutonniere/shirt color maybe, just stand out by being the groom.
  • I vote for all guys being dressed in same attire. Groom can do something extra to stand out. 
  • I also think the men can be dressed in the same suit with different accessoried for the groom. People will be able to tell that the bridesman is on your side when he stands up with you on your side.
  • edited December 2016
    We had a mixed party as well. It just happened that I had a best male friend and my husband had a good female friend. We had her wear a pencil skirt in the same color as their pants and my bridesman wore a bow tie made out of the same material as my bridesmaids skirts! It turned out great :)

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