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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Vendor Review 9/20/16

Hi all,

My wedding too place on 9/20/16 at the black stallion event home in Corolla. I'm going to give my opinion on a few of the vendors we had. Im not the writing type so it'll be short and to the point.

This house is amazing. Yes there wee a few glitches but nothing is perfect. It accommodated everyone, tons of space and you never feel like you are on top of each other. Hot tub is awesome. Plenty of places to store beer and alcohol. Most of all great for a wedding inside. It was a complete downpour and we couldn't do any of our planned stuff outside. The house is so great we were able to do the whole event inside and it was still nice and flowed very well.

I used Laura from Sugar Snap Events. She is wonderful. Easy to get along with and super chill, but when it gets down to it, she whips people into shape and gets things done. When the rain would not stop she took action and made sure everything flowed perfectly and everyone knew where to be and what they were doing. I adore this woman!

I used Shirley from Sugar Snap Events. (using the same company twice made things really easy) She was also wonderful. She quickly adapted our ceremony decor plan with new ideas for an inside ceremony and figured out how it fit in our budget as well as how to refund us on things she didn't bring because they were no longer needed for outside use.

Black Pelican!! Renee was amazing to work with. She answered all my questions and made sure everything was accounted for in the contract. But the most important part....the food. Oh My God  IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!! My guests were raving about it. Plus if you ask they will leave leftovers in the house for you. That way the day after the wedding when people are tired and hungover, you have food to quickly heat up. YAY!! We did the North Carolina BBQ menu. The mac and cheese was my favorite thing. And everyone raved about the stuffed jalapeño appetizers.

Also best part, Renee was able to work with Metro Rentals to get all of our rental stuff as well. This was all the catering and rentals were in one itemized invoice making life easier because I only had to communicate with one person instead of two.

We used ALC Photography. Alex is the sweetest person and really professional. I loved working with her. My fiancé and I are not big photo people and she made ti really easy and fun for us.

Matt Cooper from OuterBanks Music Masters. He was exactly what we wanted. Really laid back. We love music and lots of it so it was hard to let go of the reigns and let someone else handle it. We only gave a few requests and a few do not play songs and then let him go to work. He did wonderful. We had people up dancing the entire time. I couldn't sit down! Every time I wanted to sit another song I liked came on. He knows how to play music for the crowd. He gets a feel for the crowd and just does his job very well.

We got Dr. Dave! Both of us knew we didn't want a fully traditional ceremony or something really religious. Dr. Dave to the rescue! He was able to combine everything we liked into a really great fun ceremony. He even incorporated some quirky quotes we asked to be put in. 

Glimmer Makeup and hair was wonderful. They were able to completely nail my wedding look. 

Hope this helps anyone looking for tips on planning an event-home wedding.

Re: Vendor Review 9/20/16

  • I find this to be very helpful! I am getting married at The Black Stallion exactly one year from today and we are in the very early planning stages. Any general advice for the house?
  • Plan as much as you can. If you can visit, even better. Also it poured so make sure you have an idea of how things will go and where people will stand if you have to do everything inside. 

    Also if you can, try so assign rooms. That many people ,especially family, coming into a huge house and then fighting over rooms, no fun for anyone.

    Also since we were there for the week, we had potlucks almost each night for anyone who wasn't going out. Every night but the wedding night of course. We would pick a theme (like mexican night) and everyone around that night would chip in and make a side or dish. That helped a lot with the cost so I didn't have to cater the entire week. Lastly ask your caterer if they can let you keep leftovers. We had half a fridge of leftovers and after an exhausting wedding day, thinking about food prep the next day was not on my mind. So the leftovers helped a lot. 

    If you have any other specific questions let me know. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the place. Its absolutely amazing. 
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