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2 night minimums at hotels but photographer only needs 1

Has anyone found a way to get around the 2 night minimum stay at a hotel? We are having our wedding at a resort area several hours driving from where we live. Our DJ and photographer have requested a hotel, which we were expecting. However, they are only requiring a hotel for the night of the event (Saturday) because they have other events on Friday night. Every single resort in the area has a 2 night minimum stay and despite calling them we have not been able to find a way around this.

Our only other option is to book them at a hotel that is 30 minutes driving away from the location of our wedding. Is this acceptable? Is that too far? I have no idea what to do! Our photographer has charged us a lodging fee but said if we are able to find a place for them we can book it ourselves too.

Did anyone else experience something similar? What did you do?

Re: 2 night minimums at hotels but photographer only needs 1

  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
    10000 Comments Fifth Anniversary 500 Love Its 5 Answers
    I put my photographer up in an Airbnb. Is that possible? 

  • Unfortunately no :( We are getting married in northern MN where there are mostly just resorts and not very many people that actually live there. So there are no apartment buildings, but just big (and therefore expensive) cabins and homes to rent out. It would be less expensive to just pay for the 2 night min. Great idea, though!
  • I would ask the photographer and DJ if 30 minutes is too far to satisfy their fee/contract request. You could see if the hotel would waive it for a vendor (probably unlikely, but doesn't hurt to ask). Too bad on the Airbnb, that was going to be my other suggestion. 
  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be mod
    Moderator Knottie Warrior 5000 Comments 500 Love Its
    If they are charging you a fee, I'd let them book it and figure it out themselves...assuming you know what the fee is up front and it's less than booking 2 nights.

    As a vendor they might have a better chance of working something out with the resort or decide to drive the 30 mins.
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    ILoveBeachMusic[Deleted User]
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