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New Jersey

Park Chateau Estate and Florentine Gardens

WinkWink287WinkWink287 member
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Hi All!

Newly engaged and wondering if anyone can give me any information on a couple venues I'm interested in. I fell in love with The Estate at Florentine Gardens a couple years ago when I attended a December wedding there, and it has been in my mind ever since. Does anyone have any pricing for an off season Friday night wedding, max 175 guests? 

I'm also interested in the new Park Chateau Estate. I've heard from a friend that someone she knew booked a wedding at a place that had yet to be built and they got an insane deal. Has anyone reached out/booked there without seeing it? I'm interested in pricing for the same thing, off season, Friday night wedding, max 175 guests. 

Hopefully someone can help me out before I go look in person and get my heart broken! :( Thank you!!!! :)

Re: Park Chateau Estate and Florentine Gardens

  • We were quoted $135 pp at the park chateau for a Friday night in March 2017 for 180 guests. This didn't include gratuity and taxes which were 22% and 7%. We weren't 100% about the place because we weren't able to see it in person. They only showed us floor plans. The way they described it was magnificent though. 
  • Thank you so much for your reply! The drawings on their website look gorgeous and I know the service at the park savoy is top notch. It is a risk though. Have you picked your venue yet?? 
  • Also, the $135 pp was a discounted "pre-construction" sale. We found our venue and are officially drawing up contracts this weekend!  
  • Because of this post I looked up Park Chateau and was stunned, it looks gorgeous... I have an appointment later this month! Have you had an appointment with them yet? 

    I'm super scared about what prices they'll quote us for a 2018 wedding on a Sunday, but I'm pretty flexible with dates so maybe I can make it work. From what I've seen and researched so far, I really want it to work lol. I've only visited one venue so far and I have appointments for 3 others, but after seeing the pictures it's hard to forget this place if it's within reach financially... the woman on the phone (I think her name is Devon) told me the prices start at 120 pp. 135 pp would probably be at the tippy top of my limit when you throw in that annoying 22% service charge and tax. But, fingers crossed!
  • WinkWink287WinkWink287 member
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    Hi there fellow bride-to-be!

    We booked the Park Chateau for March 10, 2017 and I couldn't be more excited!! We are going to be the second weekend of weddings at the new venue, so one of the very first weddings at the place. It's going to be so beautiful, I can't wait!

    We are paying $135pp, 150 minimum, for the Friday evening in March. Sunday afternoons were cheaper than Friday nights, as were Saturday/Sunday afternoons, and the twilight weddings, which are a little later than an afternoon wedding. I think those might just be on Sundays, but I'm not sure. It also depends on what month you are looking at as well, as I know March isn't a very popular wedding month to begin with. Go in with an open mind and be willing to be flexible with your date is my advice. The place is going to be stunning and in my opinion worth every penny :) 

    Good luck with your planning!
  • Congratulations winkwink287!!! That's so very exciting!!

    By any chance did you happen to get a price for Sunday? And were you able to see the place, or any pictures (not drawings)? A coworker happend to pass by it last week and told me it was the most beautiful wedding venue she'd ever seen!
  • lol I'm not sure what place your coworker passed but I was just there Sunday and it is still very much under construction! When we went Devin showed us a presentation of their inspiration and ideas for what the place will look like, as well as all the renderings that are on their website. It is definitely going to be beautiful, and I trust them because I was recently in a wedding at their sister venue, the Park Savoy, and that place is stunning. 

    You definitely have to put some trust in them, it is a little bit of a risk but in my mind I know that it will be completed and be absolutely beautiful, just based off of their reputation. 

    I meant to look at my folder to see the pricing they gave us for Sunday, I will have to get back to you on that. I think it may have been $165 but I could be wrong.

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    Park Chateau will be stunning!
  • We went there for a 2019 wedding quote for Sat. We only priced Spring and Fall. I was quoted $225pp /200 person min, Plus 20% Grat + Tax + 1500 for lighting plus $10pp to have the ceremony there. All said and done about $300 PP. The place is amazing. I have not ruled them out, looking at other venues to compare.
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