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Direction card help

Hi all,

We have a mixture of ages on our guest list and I'm trying to determine the best way to handle direction cards. We have reserved a room block and the ceremony and reception are at the same place. Should the invitation directions be to the hotel AND  to the venue or just to the venue? Also, how many locations did you give directions from? Our direction card has very limited space and I need to also include room block information on it. Our STDs did have room block info and directions to the hotel from 5 points but I'm not sure if people kept the card or just the magnet inside. Thanks!

Re: Direction card help

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    I would just provide the directions to the venue.  Use general north & south or east & west points for the directions to the venue.  If people are staying at the hotel, they can figure out how to get to the venue based on the other directions you provide.  Most likely not all of your guests will stay at the hotel, so why provide directions to the hotel, KWIM?
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