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Where to get bridesmaids dresses

Where is everyone buying their bridesmaids dresses?  Local boutique, chain, online?  If online, what stores are you looking at?  I'm only having two in my party, MOH and one BM.  The problem is all three of us live in different states so can't shop together.  If I find a couple styles I like in a local bridal salon, I'm not sure how that would work since I can't have them try them on.  I was thinking David's Bridal would make sense because they'll both have access to one.  How are you ladies with out of town bridal parties handling this?

Re: Where to get bridesmaids dresses

  • There are a few major brands that are easy to find across the country. David's Bridal is a great option, but also Alfred Angelo or Allure. They are carried in many boutiques, and your BMs would likely find a shop in their area. You could also just buy from a department store, and then they are easily returnable if someone doesn't like it.  I had girls scattered across the country and everyone bought the dress from Nordstrom. No problem with color lots or anything. And one girl was able to exchange hers after she got pregnant and needed a bigger size.
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  • I second Alfredo Angelo; I used them for my BMs and just told them color and length and they all picked their own styles and fabric, and my sister did the same thing. They are carried in stores and have their own stand alone shops, they also run coupon sales pretty frequently. 

    Or a department store if you don't care that they are the same designer. I actually wish I had done this.  
  • I had a similar issue, my WP lived several provinces apart. I went with David's Bridal, because they had the most variety in the cheapest price point. I told them "knee length dress in midnight blue from David's".

    Another option is to find a common department store that has a dress (or dresses) that would work.
  • When I asked my BMs and MOH, I knew one of my BMs at least would need financial help (she had surgery several years ago and has limited ability to work), so I told her I'd pay her dress and flight, and hotel if that would make it possible for her to be in the wedding. We got her dress at David's Bridal. I told her she could choose any shade of red that isn't orange-y. She chose a dress in their "apple" red.

    I sent my MOH (little sister) and other BM what dress she chose. Told them to pick something red, but not an orange-y shade. I don't know where my other BM got hers, but it was long and very close in color to the first. My sister ordered her online (after ordering swatches to choose her color), and it was just half a shade darker. The dresses complemented each other and the individuals.

    One lived in Minnesota, two lived in different areas of Florida. I moved from North Carolina to California during the wedding planning process.

    Long story short: If you're going with different style dresses for them, decide if you want them to be the same shade or not, and then look at the options.

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