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Swing Dance?

JediElizabethJediElizabeth member
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My FI & I have been swing dancing socially and in lessons for quite a while now, and it's something we love. It's also something we share with exactly zero of our guests. 

Would it be AWish to have a few swing songs (maybe 3 or 4) throughout the night, and for us to dance then? Not as another spotlight song, but just for us to be out there dancing, even if few or none of our guests are as enthusiastic as we are? Our first dance (and only spotlight) will be a rumba, and I'd really like to keep that more romantic. 

FI particularly wants Michael Buble's version of Moondance to be our final song of the evening, for example.

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Re: Swing Dance?

  • Totally fine. I would opt for songs that are multi-purpose.

    DH and I also do latin and ballroom dancing socially (took some lessons first). There are a lot of "pop" songs that one can dance to formally as well as informally. For example, you can do a mean cha-cha to Lady Gaga's Poker Face or Timber by Kesha and your guests can still dance how they prefer. You can also do a 4-count jive to many pop songs in 4-4 time (Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars).

    It's easy to jive, cha-cha and rumba with a group of people on the dance floor. More classical ballroom dances (waltz, foxtrot, etc) will be more tricky if lots of people are dancing. But at the last wedding we attended, we foxtrotted to a song using the outside of the dance floor while most of the couples were slow dancing in the centre.

    Latin and Ballroom dancing is just about the only way I can get DH on the dance floor, and we tear it up when we can ;).
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    Go for it! 

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    I think it's great! Guests can still dance, even if they're not trained or familiar with the style, they can still be out there right?

    ETF grammar. 
  • This sounds like a lot of fun, and it's a great, easy way to work your own interests and personalities into your wedding day. I say go for it.
  • Do it! But I would make sure you talk to the DJ about working these in so that people don't go from packing the dance floor with the cupid shuffle or some Journey song to something totally different that they're like "ummm how do I dance to thi..nevermind" and just leave the dance floor. If you have a good DJ it shouldn't be an issue, but you should talk to them about it.

  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216 member
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    edited February 2017
  • Awesome! Good to know it's not side-eye worthy.

    Also, thanks, @OurWildKingdom - I'll be sure to share that with FI and forward some to our DJ.
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