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What to do immediately after our ceremony?

Hi all!

We are planning a low-key morning wedding ceremony and brunch with just about 30 folks in May in the Monterey, CA area. 

15-20min wedding ceremony at 10:45am followed by brunch at 12pm

Our wedding ceremony is in a park that doesn't allow alcoholic drinks and the reception venue is just a restaurant about 10 minutes away. We are not sure what guests should do immediately after the ceremony ends until brunch starts. I know most people have a cocktail hour but because its a restaurant, that's not really possible in our location either. Any advice? 


  • Looking at 45 mins of un-hosted time. I would see if there is a way the restaurant could provide snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests in a separate room. Or, provide this at the park. You can doing a "receiving line" of sorts during the cocktail hour and thank your guests for coming during this time.

    Or, move your ceremony closer.
  • Great ideas guys. Practically speaking, it might be best to move the reception up to 11:30. I guess I was thinking if there could be an activity or something to keep them entertained for a bit. I do like the idea of having a non-alcoholic cocktail hour (especially since the actual reception will have open bar).
  • Unfortunately, the restaurant is partitioned off but it isn't entirely private nor is there a space to host people standing like a normal cocktail hour
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