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Aldrich Mansion - Food Prices


Does anyone have any information on the cost of food at Aldrich Mansion? The website spells out all the costs, except that and it's making it hard to determine what the budget could be. I'm planning on reaching out directly as well when we want to book a tour, but a ballpark figure per head would be super helpful! We're planning on inviting about 200 people, with an expectation of about 160 people attending (if that affects the price list you've seen). 

Thank you! 

Re: Aldrich Mansion - Food Prices

  • I haven't personally looked at Aldrich mansion, but most venues cost $100-$200 per plate.  I think they may require you to bring in your own bar, so you need to factor that into cost too.

    Also, if you're inviting 200 people then you need to plan on 200 people attending!

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