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Veil or No?

So, I'm trying to figure out my headpiece/veil. I was originally planning on a birdcage, since I'm not a big fan of veils. I've been active in the LGBTQ/Feminist community pretty much my whole life, and I'm uncomfortable with longer veils (for myself, not anyone else) because of the historical "hiding the bride" bit.

Then I went and got the (now discontinued) dress below, in ivory. With a huge petticoat. Which I absolutely 1000% love, but I know it's a little more princess-y than I originally pictured.

Is a birdcage a bit silly for a big ballgown like this? Should I skip the veil altogether? Go with something completely different?

Am I totally overthinking this?

(For the record, my FI would rather me have a veil, but his feelings on the issue are not strong at all.)

Re: Veil or No?

  • You certainly don't have to wear a veil to be a bride.  I am, personally, not a fan of birdcage headpieces.  Today's veils can be very minimal, so if you want to wear a veil, it should be easy to find a simple fingertip length veil that doesn't compete with the design of your dress.  It is totally up to you.
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    geebee908 said:
    A blingy hair ornament would look good with this and no veil.
    Something like this, maybe:


    Or this:


    You could even get away with wearing a tiara with that gown.
  • I agree that a birdcage doesn't match the vibe of that gown (which is gorgeous). I think a veil attached at the back would look lovely. You don't have to have a blusher on a veil - haven't seen one in ages. 
  • I had a fingertip length veil without a blusher and I think that would look lovely with this dress. Or as others suggested no veil and a nice headpiece. I don't think I would choose a birdcage veil with this dress style. 
  • I had a fingertip veil that I wore in the back of my hair instead of covering my face.  I don't particularly like birdcage veils with your dress (which is gorgeous!).  If you're not a fan of veils, just skip it and get a nice hair comb/head piece and call it a day.
  • Thank you! My mom sent me a picture of a hairpiece she really wants to get me after I asked her opinioname, too, so I think I'll go with that and no veil. She's a hairdresser, and hasn't picked out anything in the wedding yet, so hopefully it'll make her happy to pick this out for me. :) 

    (Also, it's really pretty ;) )
  • IMO - you're WAY overthinking this!  

    The best thing to do - try one on, it doesn't cost more than a few dollars to purchase a birdcage veil from JoAnn's or Michael's or just try one on at the bridal salon when you go in for alterations.  You'll know what you do and don't like.  In modern society the veil is a choice, if you like/want one, have one, if you don't, then skip it!

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