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A bit early for conflict don't you think?

So not even officially engaged yet but my bf and I are already in early planning stages (we know what kind of reception we want, we know when we want, evaluating venues and budget). I want a red/gold Christmas themed wedding in a quaint little town that is about halfway between my home and my hometown. My sister is a redhead and already shot down wearing a red dress (so I opted to say she'll be in gold with a red sash because MY vision) and now she refuses to go if we pick this one little town because it's somewhat close to an ex that she had a really bad breakup with. They share a child and he hasn't had contact with her in a few years. I think it makes both of us look bad if we're fighting over a location with over 450 days before my preferred date without even a ring on my finger, but it's MY day and I didn't give her any issues with her day except to let her know the color she originally picked for bridesmaid dresses photographed white and I proved it with a pic. SOOOOO what the hell?
What do I do? 

Re: A bit early for conflict don't you think?

  • Maybe wait till you have a ring on your finger. When you have an actual date set maybe her attitude will change? I mean it sucks that her ex is located in that town. But if you're planning a wedding shouldn't she want to be there with you? Maybe plan a day of it like a lunch with her so she doesn't have to think about her ex and can focused on you and the planning.
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