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Late Night Wedding Venues in CA?!

Hi all,

I’m hoping to get married in SoCal, but am open to venues in the Bay Area if people have that info. As long as my wedding is within two hours of a major airport, I’m fine ;)

 My primary issue: the majority of venues that I would consider to be “reasonably” priced (less than $20,000 for JUST the venue, no vendor or other rentals) have alarmingly-early “quiet hours.” 10pm is the average hour for amplified noise to go off, but I’ve seen some ask as early as 8pm! I don’t want my reception to end that early. Midnight or later is ideal for our guests.

In terms of venue/vibe: natural and rustic is our wish – so far we’ve been staying away from considering places like country clubs and resorts. We may have to reconsider if those are the only places that have the space for sound to carry without neighbors being disrupted. We’ve looked at many different options: rental houses with land, retreat spaces, farm rentals, even cabins/youth camps. I’m finding that the venues that charge less than $20,000 to rent always ask for noise to shut off early, but when you pay $60,000+++ for a whole farm, they’ll let you do whatever you want at any hour of the night. 

There must be a happy medium somewhere?!

Re: Late Night Wedding Venues in CA?!

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