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Slate/Steel Blue Linens??

So, I fell in love with this...dusty blue color, especially with metallic silver used as accents for my decor, and pale pink flowers for a pop of cheer. My venue provides ivory tablecloths, so all I really want is table overlays to really fill the room with that color. A table runner could work, although it wouldn't be my first choice. The only problem is...I can NOT for the life of me find any linens in that shade, at a reasonable price. I can find royal blue or baby blue easy (because they're common), but nothing in this PARTICULAR shade of blue. Is this is a rare color choice or something? I just chose the shade based off of David's Bridal's "Steel Blue" color swatch. Any linens I've found that come close are, like...upwards of $40.

So, anybody got any idea where I can find what I'm looking for? I'd hate to give up on a color palette I love just for this.

Re: Slate/Steel Blue Linens??

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    Specialty linens are expensive and exact matches are not necessary, close counts.That being said, can you incorporate the color scheme in other ways? Flowers, on the invitation, on the cake table for example. I know linens seem important for "the vision" but make sure all of the necessary aspects are covered first before spending money on napkins. If you have, great! But for those lurking that means a chair for every person to sit at once, appropriate climate control for the time of year, a meal if the event happens over a meal time (including providing beverages), and general consideration for guests' comfort and convenience. 

    Eta: Sorry I don't have any recommendations on where to get linens. We went with the ones the venue provided.
  • It sounds like you're going to be very particular about the shade of this color - like "this one has too much purple in it" or "this is too gray" or "this one isn't gray enough". 

    If you find yourself in that rut, I would consider dropping the idea of filling the room with this color unless you're willing to throw a bunch of money at it. You may have to go to a fabric store, pick out exactly the shade you want and then have them custom made. 

  • I've decided to do navy blue organza overlays on the tables. :) The fabric is sheer, and with ivory tablecloths underneath them, I figure it'll equal out to about the right shade. Thank you for the advice!

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