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Altering a lace boned boddice? Nervous!!!

Hi guys! 

I'm getting married on June 3rd of this year. I found Martina Liana separates (tulle skirt and lace boddice) for my wedding dress. I love it and it almost is a perfect fit. I need hemming of the skirt and sadly I'm not we'll endowed in the breast area. This means that the front gaps a little bit. The boutique I bought it from doesn't have an on site seamstress so I went to an off site one last night. Now I'm a bit concerned.

My seamstress is not sure how possible taking in just the front will be. The problem is that it's a zipper corset type boddice that has boning and the top layer is embroidered lace like details. The problem being that the too overlay was stitched through into the lining layer. So there's no easy way for her to alter without potential messing up the top pattern. If She takes it in from the zipper the back will be too tight because it fits my ribs perfectly it's only a bit big at the top front (I need bigger boobs!) She wanted more time to examine the details and seams to try to come up with the best option so I go  back next week and then we decide.

Has anyone had experience with having a boddice altered like this? I don't know if it's better to leave it and use breast cup fillers or try to alter. I just don't want it ruined or to look funny if the pattern gets messed up. Below is a photo. It's hard to tell from a photo but it's loose in the cups and there's a gap between my skin and dress in the front. I had had hoped it would be an easy fix since that's the only issue besides the hem. Sadly I appear to be wrong. So now I'm nervous!!

Side note I can't wear a bra or the back won't zip right. 

Re: Altering a lace boned boddice? Nervous!!!

  • If the seamstress doesn't know how to do it right and shes admitting this, believe her. Try the chicken cutlet things (target has them for cheap), or go to Victoria secret or something and try a few.

  • Do you think if she sewed in bra cups it would take up the extra space? You could bring a bra to her and have her deconstruct it and sew the cups into the bodice.
  • I think because it's structured, I would go with having the cups sewn in. Unless she is 100% certain on how to alter it, I wouldn't mess with it.  
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    How well experienced do you think she is? You could always get a second opinion. However, that certainly does seem to me, in my limited experience as a seamstress, to be a very difficult if not impossible alteration. Lace is delicate and it would be difficult to take out that seam without ruining the lace. Potentially, you could buy matching lace and just replace it, but I don't know how easy it would be to find. 

  • I agree with lovesclimbing  get a second opinion. Might be ok you never know.

    If not try the sewing in cups and chicken fillets for good measure - My sister used to wear two bras growing up so whatever works!! 
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