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Bridal bouquet and bridesmaids gifts!

Hi y'all! So the DIY section is where I'll be living, and fortunately for me, my fiance, all our wedding party, and myself are all cosplayers and love making stuff. We're having a long engagement to pad out our budget of 65¢ and a paperclip lol 

Trying to think of everything we need to do is huge, and we're having to get really creative with our money and really sort it into big rocks, medium rocks, small rocks, and sand. If nobody minds I'll probably be sharing as stuff gets made, like progress on my wedding dress and his outfit, and the invites we're designing. 

But for now, I wanted to share the easy things done on our budget: my bridal bouquet, and gifts for my bridal party!

Forget me nots, orchids, and lavender, wrapped in blue tatting thread, and then wrapped again in teal ribbon. I got all the flowers on sale at Michael's and Hobby Lobby, altogether for like $15. Most of that was even on a gift card, so win! :3 

I tatted pairs of earrings in my favorite color (also part of my dress) to give to each of my bridesmaids to ask them to stand with me. <3 

And these are their actual gifts! 

I'm so happy how these turned out! They each have a cup, saucer, and spoon with the ribbon from my bouquet, and each packet is a quit quilt square in my colors with four packs of tea (which have one flavojr and color for each Hogwarts house!) So $15 total for my girls, and something personal enough that they'll know it's a me-thing! (Handmade jewelry, books, and tea are kind of my MO haha) 

Re: Bridal bouquet and bridesmaids gifts!

  • Yes, it would be a great gift from someone else to you because it would show they put some thought into getting something you would like to have.

    I know this is a "proposal" gift which frankly is something that you didn't even need to spend money on as you can simply ask your BMs in private and accept their yes or no. Giving a gift with the question can put undue pressure on someone to say yes if what they really want to say is no.
  • I actually already asked them, so the earrings are more a thank you token for them to wear just for whenever. Almost all the presents I give them are handmade, like jewelry, decorations, quilts, and I've even made coats and dresses for some of them. I may help make my maid of honour's dress since she's planning on helping me make things for this shindig. :3 

    The tea, however, is actually really personal. All of my bridesmaids enjoy the same things with me - books, tea, video games, RPGs, comics... one of them was my roommate, and we had an entire cabinet in our kitchen dedicated to tea. No joke. XD All the tea blends nodding to Harry Potter houses is also something for us, because it's something we all love. Usually when anyone comes to my house they're greeted with tea and nibbles. The fact that I found a matching cup set I could afford was just kind of a nice surprise, and it seemed more personal than just going into the department store. <3 Tea is something we all love, and I thought the pretty cups would be a nice memento for this party. 
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    Your bouquet is gorgeous! 
  • Love your bouquet!
  • Your bouquet = gorgeous and your gifts are so adorable and thoughtful!  Well done you!
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