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Hi all,

So we have booked sunset gardens for our ceremony and STK at the Cosmo for our reception dinner. I'm now wanting to book somewhere for drinks and a dance after dinner. I would be keen to stay in the Cosmo or close by does anyone have any recommendations? I've been looking at Bond in the Cosmo does anyone know what type of music they play in there?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Re: After dinner

  • Hi there  :) we are getting married at Aria chapel. We are also looking at STK at Cosmo for our reception dinner. Really struggling deciding on somewhere for drinks and dancing afterwards. We do like the look of Bond Lounge. Not sure what the music is like though and not quite sure if the age range will be appropriate for our party ranging from ages 22 to 56?!? Also, need to find out if you can reserve a booth/table with table service and what is the minimum spend on drinks?!?! Can anyone help please?  :)
  • Hi @Knottie1473973991 when is your wedding? Sounds like we will  be having a very similar day :) Like you I want to try and cater for a wide age range, so not a full on club but definitely need to be able to have a dance. I've been in contact with Danielle at the Cosmo a lot as have already booked STK and she has been providing info about Bond. You can either have a minimum spend per person or do a drinks package. We are looking at doing the three hour drinks package so that we know the cost up front and everyone can just have whatever they like for the full three hours. This does not give us a private area however we will have tables reserved for us which is exactly what we are wanting. Danielle did say there is no dance floor in bond but from what I have seen through social media and you tube etc people definitely dance by the DJ in bond. 
  • Hi @HayleyMarie, we get married 2nd May. Thank you for the information you have given me. I have spent hours and hours looking online at restaurants and bars for the evening of our wedding. There is soooo much choice in Vegas! We definitely wanted a Steakhouse as we all love a good steak! We have finally decided on Jean George's Steakhouse in Aria. We have booked a private dining room. We are getting married in Aria Chapel and also staying at Aria for 7 nights. So we like the idea of staying in the hotel after the ceremony. Aria has a nice cocktail bar called Alibi which we are considering for drinks afterwards. Your plans for your special day sound really good  :)
  • @Knottie1473973991 we are 2 June, exactly one month later. It is so hard to choose there are so many places to pick from. We are the same, in fact it was my Fiance's only request for the wedding 'to have steak for dinner'. We are staying in the Cosmo so for us made sense to have it all in one place, so completely agree with you about staying in the same hotel as the wedding. Looking forward to hearing reviews from your day, hope you have an amazing day on 2 May :) 
  • @HayleyMarie Wow our weddings sound so similar and are so close together too   :D  only 14 weeks to go and feel like I still have lots to sort out  :# I will be on here regularly from now until the wedding checking where everyone is up to with their plans. So I may see you on here. I also look forward to reading your reviews after the big day. Hope you have a fabulous day on 2nd June  <3
  • Wow! So exciting to see someone else getting married at sunset gardens!
    I felt like I was taking a bit of a gamble as there aren't many reviews :-)
  • I was feeling the same @KnottieVegas2017 there doesn't seem to be many reviews or forum posts on sunset gardens, but it just looks so nice from all the photos I have seen. When is your wedding? 
  • Hi @HayleyMarie we are getting married 31st may!! So just a couple of days before you!
    they've been really good when I've messaged and changed things like we downgraded our package recently and it was no problem.
    getting excited now! X
  • @KnottieVegas2017 oh wow that's so close to my day how exciting, not long now. The mega countdown has certainly begun. What are your plans after the sunset ceremony or are you having the reception there to? I feel the same, they have been so accommodating with all my requests, I couldn't fault them so far.  xx
  • @HayleyMarie we are having the something old package so we have an hour and half cocktail reception at sunset. Then we have a party bus for 2 hours to take us to Vegas sign and hopefully at least one other stop depending on traffic. Then we have our reception booked at Maggiano's :-) eeep. I bet STK will lovely 
  • @KnottieVegas2017 Sounds like your day is going to be fantastic, you'll have to post some photos and reviews once you are settled in to married life. I'll be out on my hen party the day of your wedding so I'll keep my eyes peeled for a bride :smile:
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