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Bridal Photo Letdown

I just received a preview of my bridal portraits from my photographer. While the poses, lighting, and editing are great, I am pretty disappointed with the way I look. I don't like my hairstyle at all. On top of that, the girl that did my spray tan did a super quick job and I ended up getting no color. So, I am super washed out and basically the same color as my off-white dress. The photographer did a great job on her end, but I'm just not happy with my appearance. I feel like bridal portraits should be something a bride is excited about and ecstatic to show everyone. But I'm just super bummed with the way mine turned out. Is it acceptable to ask my photographer if I can take a few more? Not even an entire session. I just want to have a few that I'm happy with. 

Re: Bridal Photo Letdown

  • Yeah by the sounds of it none of the issues are the photographers fault, so you can definitely ask for a mini session to take more if you want. But expect to pay full price for that. 
  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs
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    this is bridal photos and not the day of....right?  What are you using these bridal photos for?  I agree with PP's I'm sure she'll re-do them, but at a cost.

  • You can ask, but you should have a separate contract for a separate session. This would be an additional service - not an add on or extension of your original contract. She will (or should) charge you whatever her normal fee would be for a portrait session. 

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