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Hashtag - Gray

Looking for ideas for a wedding hashtag - our married name will be Gray.
All I thought of was something to do with 50 Shades of Grey which doesn't seem appropriate!
The other suggestion I had was #tilwereoldandGray which I do like.
Any creative minds?

Re: Hashtag - Gray

  • I actually like #TilWereOldAndGray

    Or you could go with:
    #GoingGray2017 (or whatever your year is)
    #MrAndMrsGray2017 (or whatever your year is)
  • I also really like #TilWereOldAndGray.

    I also think you could do something with merry and gay/married and gray, but my mind isn't working properly tonight.
    "Marriage is so disruptive to one's social circle." - Mr. Woodhouse
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