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Vow Renewals

Vow Renewal vs PPD: What are the differences?

mrsjapanmrsjapan Japan member
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I got my marriage license (with no courthouse ceremony and with no one else there besides me and my husband) in February 2017 in Japan and I am having a wedding celebration in May 2018 in America. What do I call this event? What is acceptable to have at such an event? What we have so far is a "ceremony" and "reception" and with our non-religious officiant we'll just do vows. I'd like to lean towards more wedding-type traditions. My family has been supportive of my decisions and I've already asked my siblings and my sisters-in-law to be a part of my bridal party and they are all excited. Any advice?
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Re: Vow Renewal vs PPD: What are the differences?

  • A vow renewal can be really lovely. No bridal party, because it's not a wedding. No being given away, because you're already married. 
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    As has been said in other threads, you can have a celebration of your marriage in the states.  Throw an amazing party.  Although odd, a vow renewal could be done.  But, again, as others have said, wedding traditions are no longer appropriate because you are married.

    You are a married couple.  I am not sure why you continue to post threads asking for advice when you are already TELLING us that you intend to have a full, albeit reenacted, wedding.
  • I think a vow renewal is best. If you want someone to stand with you as you recommit your vows I don't see a problem with that. I agree with the above about not being given away, also no newlywed stuff, since you're married, but definitely be as fancy (or not) as you want. So a beautiful gown if you want, cake, dancing, whatever is all acceptable. The important thing is to be upfront with your guests and host them well. Congrats!
  • Skip the ceremony. This close to your marriage, it's really more of a reenactment. 

    Have a great party. Get it catered, get a DJ/band, have a fabulous cake. But no showers or bridesmaids or pretending it's a wedding. 

    There are lots of invite wording options - just choose wording that matches the formality of the party:

    "We're married! 
    Please join us for a celebration
    with dinner and dancing

    "Wife Name
    Husband Name
    request the pleasure of your company 
    as they celebrate their recent marriage

    "Mr and Mrs. _______ (if y'all share a last name)
    invite you to celebrate their recent marriage

    "They Did!
    Come celebrate with the newlyweds
    Wife Name
    Husband Name
    as they toast to their recent marriage

    "Name and Name
    were married on (date)!
    Please join us to celebrate

  • No processional with a wedding party. If there is anything of that sort, only the couple comes in together. No wedding party, no telling anyone what to wear. The wording of your vows is more in the vein of continuing in the commitment you made to each other on your wedding day. If your sister and the person who would have been your husband's best man/woman want to stand next to you for your renewal of vows that seems fine, but again, they don't process in but rather come from their seats to stand next to you at the time for the renewal of vows. No introduction of the couple.

    Keep it simple should be your mantra in planning this. I'm basing this on what the Catholic Church uses for the convalidation of a marriage. It should be obvious to everyone attending that it is not a wedding ceremony.
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