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Neck/Chest Blotches

I am getting married in September and I have this fantastic habit - thanks genes! - of breaking out in red blotches on my neck and chest when I get a) nervous / anxious or b) when I drink alcohol. I've been told it's a histamine release by a doc, nothing serious, but guess what I'll be feeling and doing on my wedding day! A and B. I have a stunning strapless dress that (for other reasons) I've decided to build in a lace neckline and straps, but short of making it a Victorian-style turtle neck the splotches are going to show. 
My question is what if anything can I take, rub on my skin, etc. to rid or at least subside the damn things so my poor photographer doesn't spend her life in Photoshop after my wedding pulling her hair out? Obviously anti-histamines come to mind, but does anyone have proven results with something in particular? How long does it last? Will it stain my (champagne colored) dress? I don't want to pop Benadryl and be sleep walking down the aisle!
Much appreciated,

Re: Neck/Chest Blotches

  • Histamine reactions are caused by internal issues.  Nothing that you rub on your skin will help to prevent a breakout.  Talk to your dermatologist. for medical advice.  Good luck!
  • Do these splotches show up through make up as well? I would recommend covering them with a good concealer if that will help?
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    Try a second-generation antihistamine like Zyrtec, Allegra or Claritin; they're less likely to make you sleepy. You could also try a cortisone cream (like you might use on an insect bite or poison ivy).

    As for coverage, a green color corrector under concealer might help, because green neutralizes red.

    @ernursej, do you have any additional suggestions?
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    I suggest doing your best to relax and stay calm. Read a book or google techniques or talk to someone about tips for avoiding stress and nervousness. Maybe a massage or something the day before. Also, don't drink alcohol. Many people don't drink at their weddings. I had a dry wedding. 
  • Hi there!
    I would non drowsy anti-histamine (claritin, zyrtec, allegra) at least 3 days before your wedding and the morning of - of course, I would try the medication in advance to ensure you do not have a reaction or side effect (not common but always possible)
    It is safe to take up to two anti histamines a day (assuming you are otherwise healthy) Cool compresses will help. OTC cortisone is worth a try- I would apply night before and morning of before hair & makeup- I would also have MUA apply foundation she uses for your face to your neck and chest.

    Give the regimen a try now and see if it works for you!

  • That sucks! Sorry this is something you have to deal with.

    I would start with a few things with number 1 being most important:

    1) Begin working on de-escalating/de-stressing techniques. Use them over and over again until they become second nature. Think grounding, visualization, breathing patterns etc. Figure out exactly what triggers you and not just getting anxious or stressed. I know that my triggers (I have a generalized anxiety disorder) include perception of losing control, when I'm unable summarize/group things and being late for things. If you know exactly what causes you to breakout, you may be able to work on controlling those triggers.

    2) Talk to your MD about systemic oral antihistamines. Some antihistamines are better than others. If you are given the go to try some, grab 1 kind and the next time you feel something come on, take one and see what happens. Some meds take time to work so you might want to experiment with taking one and then trying to create stress to test it.

    3) Topical meds are less likely to work for something systemic and may leave you feeling sticky. Personally, I would likely steer clear of these but if you were interested, this would certainly fall into the category of trying before your wedding day.  

    4) Cover up may work but I would certainly try and find out how well it actually covers and if it would come off. I'm guessing that you might not be reacting when you get makeup on so this might have to be something that you would apply during the day. If this would be the case, practice if you are wanting to use this.

    5) You may just decide to leave it and do nothing. If you have a good photographer, they can probably deal with any visible marks in your photos. Hopefully, your guests know this happens to you and wouldn't even notice.

    Good luck!

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