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Not inviting kids to wedding

I'm sure this has come up a zillion times, but here we go! :)

My fiancé and I are getting married this November out east on Long Island. We're paying for the wedding ourselves, and have been budgeting for awhile now; LI weddings are so expensive!

At our venue (Three Village Inn), kids are discounted. In my dream world I'd invite all my cousins and extended family's kids. That would be 20+ kids under 7 which adds up fast and we're considering having a 13+ wedding to trim the budget and list a bit.  I adore the kids, and if I had free reign I wouldn't give it a second thought, but we have to be realistic.

i talked to one cousin who admitted they'd probably keep the kids home anyway, since it's a Sunday evening wedding and they'd like a date night.

i just hope there's no family drama if I invite only parents without kids! I'd love to hear some experience from people who didn't invite kids to their wedding!


Re: Not inviting kids to wedding

  • I had no kids at my wedding and it was the best decision I made. Then again, there were no kids in my family at the time. 2nd time around might be different - I have a niece and my bf (not engaged yet - soon!) has kids. I think we will only have them... any other kids, no. 
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