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Hi all!

I'm getting married on 5/21 at Ballroom at the Ben, our hotel block is through the Hotel Monaco. We can't do photos in the Monaco except for just some quick portraits of us in the living room and stairs. I was hoping to have a private first look without a ton of strangers around...but without using the off-limits rooftop bar Stratus, it seems more difficult than I thought.

Any Philly brides have a location they're doing their first look? We have a permit at Second Bank for later in the afternoon, so that area is out but I'm fine with doing another permit...I'd just have to decide quickly. I'm ok with indoors or outdoors. I think the private first look is kind of out the door now. 

Any suggestions would be great!! 


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Re: First Look Site

  • Ooo I hadn't thought about second bank. It wouldn't be totally private but I've been mulling around Race Street Pier (meaningful to us) or a quieter part of washington square. I've seen them done at Headhouse (obviously not during a farmers market). Whats your transportation set up like? You could do more private if you venture away... Franklin Square (OMG a friend got pictures there on the carousel!) comes to mind
  • @padovana

    So we actually are going to use the Liberty View Ballroom Terrace at the Independence Visitors Center. We initially were going to use the space for a rehearsal dinner but there were some scheduling conflicts. But they were super great! It's in walking distance to the Monaco, so a quick stroll, first look up there and then off to pictures. 

    We have a trolley from Philadelphia Trolley Works. They tie you into 3 it's mostly for pictures then getting us over to the Ben. I like Second Bank because it gave us the most options and can be pretty quiet. 

    I hadn't thought about Franklin Square...oh I'm redesigning the route because I really, really like that carousel! 

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  • woo happy to help! 
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