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How to charitably word reminders to my parents to rsvp?

Hey guys, I'm in a particularly sticky dilemma here. There's a LOT of backstory to it, but long story short, I need advice on wording a reminder to my parents and family to rsvp to my upcoming nuptial Mass.

My fiance and I are dirt poor, so we used evite for our invitations. So, while I know my mother and aunt have viewed the evite, my father hasn't. None of them have rsvp'd or even acknowledged that it is happening; the logic box here is that my father lives in a tenuous house of cards, and he simply ignores the existence of any event or fact that threatens to topple it. And my wedding definitely falls in that category.

Yep, I know, it's not even a bit normal, and that's why I want to BE the normal person and remind them, instead of agreeing to cooperate with their alternative reality. 

BUT it's very, very important to me that when I remind them, that I do so in completely kind and charitable terms. It's also very important to me that I DO act as a normal person would (by reminding them to rsvp), instead of cooperating with their behavior. 


Re: How to charitably word reminders to my parents to rsvp?

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    You might want to post this on the etiquette board - it is much more active than the Catholic board. 

    As for the RSVPs, has your deadline passed? If it hasn't, just chill and they may surprise you. If it has passed, do what you would do for any guest who hasn't RSVP'd. Call them and say you haven't received their response and need to know if they are attending. While talking with them you can emphasize that you really hope they are able to attend.

    Good luck.
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