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Wedding Planning Advice From The 30's

Less snark, and more just for fun.  My birth mother found a book among her mothers things that is titled "How To Plan A Beautiful Wedding" and it was copyright in 1939.  She gifted it to me, thinking I would at least find it entertaining.

We are breaking many of the "rules/guidelines" particularly as I am divorced, LOL

Some highlights include:

  • Under the duties of the MOH, #4 (of 8) is that she is to "assist the bride in every way". (Maybe this is where the idea of "brideslaves" got started
  • The planning of the wedding is to begin 12 weeks ahead of the intended date
  • On the list of 12 things that are to be done 12 weeks before the wedding (as noted, the beginning of the bride's calendar) discussing plans with the fiance is the LAST thing, LOL
  • Invitations were not to be mailed until 3-4 weeks out
  • The wedding dress selection isn't mentioned until Week 10
  • 6 weeks out your priority should be selecting rugs, drapes, shades, and furniture for your new home
  • Photographer isn't to be booked until 3-4 weeks out.  The "bridal portrait" should be arranged for your final dress fitting.
  • It's a serious no-no for the bride to be escorted up the aisle by anyone but a male relative or close friend to serve in her father's place.
  • If the brides parents are divorced and re-married there are many rules.  Such as only the parent(s) actually paying for the wedding get to be on the invitation.  Or if one is paying for the ceremony and the other the reception, you must send appropriately worded invitations for each.  Also, if the mother is hosting the reception the father isn't supposed to attend it (he may of course still come to the ceremony to walk the bride down the aisle).  Also the step father isn't supposed to sit beside his wife (the mother) at the ceremony.  He's supposed to "place himself somewhere in the background".  If the reverse is true (the father and step mother are hosting the reception) the mother is not to attend.  The step mother hosts at the reception but is not to go to the church at all.  Apparently if everyone is cordial, it's ok, but those are the guidelines if either parent is uncomfortable being in the presence of the new spouse of their ex...
  • If you're divorced, you should only have a small and quiet wedding.
  • If your reception is taking place before 1pm you should refer to it as a "breakfast" as the word reception is reserved for afternoon parties.
  • The three types of wedding you may have include: ultra-formal, formal, and "dinner jacket" formal (they put the quotes in themselves).  All require engraved invitations and formal apparel.

I can add more highlights if anyone is interested, LOL.  The above are just some of the ones I've found while flipping through the book so far.


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