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Family Illness May cause Postponement-I AM OK With It

One of the MOST important people in our lives is in the hospital tonight cause of illness and I AM WILLING to postpone the wedding so it gives time to recover-she is in ICU!  At first I was afraid I was going to get ill, but MOG is in ICU and maybe out in time for the wedding, but I want time for her to heal from surgery.  FH said this may hurt her feelings cause she wants us married, but I say I want her healthy and happy to enjoy this day that she has been so much a part of making real (wedding is a 2 hour drive from our hometown).  He is in college and I suggested a Thanksgiving or even a Christmas Wedding as a way to be glad Mom is well and with us.  How can I get him to go along cause invites need to be out by NEXT Friday to get RSVP back in time for caters and Cakemaker.

Re: Family Illness May cause Postponement-I AM OK With It

  • I am sorry to hear about your fMIL. I want to make sure I am understanding correctly. She went into the ICU this evening but may be out in time for your already scheduled wedding? When is your wedding? How flexible are your vendors? They may not be available if you postpone. Will you fMIL need additional surgery once she is in the ICU or this it?
  • They think she's going to be a patient up til the wedding.  She had stints put in her heart cause of a Major heart attack...We aren't sure of anything yet, but she woke up today and is able to write what she wants and that is a big step;I think everyone will be very understanding about us resetting our day for Mom, cause this is about her, Grandma and us-she and his sister helped me 'pop the question' to him and he said yes Christmas night.  Our wedding is 2 hours away from home and I am afraid of travelling if she is just discharged cause I want her to enjoy the wedding and reception and not be in pain or tired out.
  • Wedding is in 5 weeks-July 22 and she had surgery yesterday morning.  We have to plan the new date around future hubby's Fall college schedule, so he has a week for Thanksgiving and 3 weeks for Christmas, but he doesn't want a holiday wedding.
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    As someone who has terminal health issues, I can tell you that I, personally, would have hated it if daughter had postponed her wedding due to my health issues!  There is always SKYPE.
    How much recovery time will your FMIL have?  Can you arrange transport from the hospital to the ceremony (wheelchair) and back?  The reception is not all that important, but witnessing the actual ceremony is.  The whole family should discuss the possibilities with FMIL's primary physician and her surgeon before making any final decisions.
    I would be surprised if your FMIL was still in the hospital five weeks from now.  Recovery for stent patients is amazing.  I would not expect her to party into the night with you, though.



  • We talked and Wedding is ON for the date and everyone is ready for it!  Since it is at a Bed and Breakfast Inn-the girls are going to be staying there the night before and the guys are too and it's ADA so no jam-ups there.  I was so worried, but FH and SIL to be helped me see that this is WHAT mom needs and it's just the bright day we all need.  Thanks everyone for helping me see through being scared.  I just needed reassurance that it is OK.  We are going to Celebrate Love and family that night and I am going to make sure Mom is being treated well PROMISE!

    That's fantastic!  I'm sure all of you will have a wonderful time.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your FMIL's health scare.  I hope she has a full and speedy recovery.

    It sounds like (hopefully) she will still be able to make it to, at least, the ceremony.  I think you all are being wise in listening to her wishes.

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