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Cosmopolitan Wrap Around Terrace Suite

Has anyone used this suite for a reception? We will only have 25-30 guests at the most so I am looking at either this suite or the Mandalay Bay Vista suite for a dessert/cocktail reception. Very informal get together after the ceremony so I won't be bringing in any vendors or anything just cupcakes from Sin City and buying our own liquor, no bartender or other food.
I have heard that Manadalay Bay is excellent and we wouldn't have any problems with them as far as brining people/supplies up to the room, etc, but has anyone had experience with the cosmopolitan? We are trying to save money and don't want to go through the hotel for the dessert/beverages. Thank you!

Re: Cosmopolitan Wrap Around Terrace Suite

  • I haven't heard of any changes, but as of a couple years ago, the wraparound suites were accessed via elevators that require room key access.  If everyone is arriving around the same time that would probably not be an issue, but could be problematic if they'll be trickling in over time.

    The other two issues would be seating and room.  There will not be enough seating for 25+; that may or may not be an issue depending on your guests.

    Finally, I've seen more than one person say that with 30 people, had it not been a time of the year where people were happy to spend time on the balcony, the room would have been too cramped.  So if you're in a time of year or time of day when temps will be nice on the balcony, probably not a problem, but if it's too hot or cold and people mostly want to just step out for a look and come back in, the room may be too cramped.

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  • Thank you for the information. I would love to have an outdoor spot but I think the MGM skylines are a little too speedy and you are right, the Cosmo sounds a little too small. I should probably just stick to the Vista Suite. Thanks!
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    We had 25-30 guests, and felt that the Wraparound would be too small when we toured it. It's a little better suited to 15-20 guests, and even that would probably feel pretty squishy. It got eliminated from our list pretty quickly.
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